LiSA celebrates her 5th anniversary of her major label debut this year with new mini-album LUCKY Hi FiVE!. The album will include seven new songs plus Limited includes footage from her ASiA TOUR 2015. Mini-album LUCKY Hi FiVE! comes on two editions scheduled for release on the anniversary of her first major label release April 20th 2016.

~ jacket covers updated ~

Before her solo debut LiSA was part of fictitious band Girls Dead Monster for anime Angel Beats. The unit released five singles in 2010 with LiSA as featured vocalist on three.

LiSA released her solo mini-album Letters to U on April 20th 2011. It features seven tracks written by Kanon (An Café), Kishida (Kishida Kyodan), and others.


She is re-releasing her debut mini-album as a Limited edition (5,000 copies) vinyl record on March 23rd 2016.

With the release of the new mini-album LiSA is launching live tour LiVE is Smile Always ~ Hi! FiVE ~ with 16 performances scheduled. The tour starts April 20th & 21st at NHK Hall Tokyo and finishes up July 30th at Zepp Sapporo. More details at her official site (link below).

Mini-album LUCKY Hi FiVE! comes on two editions (details subject to change). Limited includes Blu-ray and DVD (contents same) with music video(s) and footage from her "Believe in myself" in ASiA TOUR 2015. Limited also includes deluxe photo booklet and deluxe sleeve case.

Select in-store outlets include bonus b3-size poster while supplies last (animate, Gamers, Tower Records, HMV, others).

Full track list, jacket covers, and more details coming!

LiSALUCKY Hi FiVE! – release date April 20th 2016

Limited [CD+BD+DVD] (¥3500)

Regular [CD] (¥2500)

1. – 7. undecided

[BD & DVD]
1. undecided (music video)
2. "Believe in myself" in ASiA TOUR 2015 footage and documentary

1. – 7. undecided

LiSALetters to U – release date March 23rd 2016

Limited [Vinyl] (¥2800)
1. Believe in myself
2. Mirai Kaze
3. Eien
4. Escape Game
5. Kakuseiya
6. Mousou Controller
7. Mushku Toumei


LiSA Official website