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~ full track list updated 6/14 ~

Popular voice actress/singer Minori Chihara has exposed the jacket cover for her new single “ZONE//ALONE” and revealed a preview music video. The single will be featured as the opening theme for Summer anime Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II (Kyokaisenjo no Horizon II). Minori will also reprise her roll of Horizon Ariadust from the first season of the anime. The single is due to hit stores on July 11th. Updated details and preview video follow.

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Voice actress/singer Minori Chihara has announced a new single “ZONE//ALONE” that will also be featured as the opening theme for Summer anime Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II (Kyokaisenjo no Horizon II). Minori provided the opening theme “TERMINATED” for the first season of the anime and she voices main character Horizon Ariadust. The single is set for release on July 11th – more early release details on the single and preview video for anime follow,

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Horizon, with the help of Tori, shows the Catholic Church and K.P.A Italia, the power of Lype Katarripsi. Afterwards, they are greeted with the arrival of a new set of problems.

Tori finally got his chance to confess to Horizon to only get shot down. Now he has to convince Horizon, his parallel, that he is strong enough for the both of them.

The battle continues with the Testament Union gaining the upper hand. Individual battles rage on and each lost breaks Musashi’s moral. Now Tori Aoi will show the Testament Union his “Impossible.”

The war has started and Musashi is blocked from air and land. Adele in her armored suit, Asama with her bow, and Naito and Naruse with their Frauen show the might of Musashi students.

Futayo has joined the battle and is the final obstacle against the group saving Horizon. But she wields the Divine Weapon, Slicing Dragonfly. Only one person is willing to stand against her and she does so magnificently.

Tori has surprised everyone by arguing that they shouldn’t save Horizon. Seijun is forced to debate the opposite side. Just when the tide is turning and the nation is agreeing to rebel against the Testament’s history, the Pope President joined the debate and revels some startling information.

An emergency student council is called at Ariadust academy, as the students try to decide what to do next. If they’re going to try and save Horizon, that means disobeying the Holy Union, and the possibility of all-out war. Thre of the students play Devils advocate and take up the side of the Testament Union, seeking proof that they’re strong enough to fit them. Will they give into the Holy Union, or go to rescue Horizon? The battle begins to decide the fate of Musashi and of the entire Far East.

Mikawa is destroyed by the explosion of the Georeactor, and Horizon Ariadust, as the daughter of the culprit, is ordered by the Testament Union to commit seppuku. When they learn that P-01s is Horizon, the member of the class debate whether to go save her, but Tori is face down on his desk. Then classes start, and they are assigned and essay with the title “What I want you to do.” And then Asama starts to read Suzu’s essay…

The source of the light turns out to be the georeactor going out of control. As Mikawa is about to be annihilated Motonobu begins to speak about his goals and the true nature of the Armor of Deadly Sins. The world spins out of control as it faces the end of history…