[Updated 11/01] The Anime Network (TAN) has added “Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle!” (Phi Brain) and 2 shows already being streamed by Crunchyroll – “Majikoi – Samurai Girls” and “Mashiro-iro Symphony.”

NicoNico x Funimation (niconico.com/anime) has started the previously postponed shows, “Maken-Ki”, “C3”, and “Future Diary.” Funimation.com also started streaming episodes 1-2 of “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai)” though this also isn’t on NicoNico site (oddly). Probably growing pains of this relationship and licensing (perhaps a regional issue for Haganai’s availability).

Shana III previously announced for NicoNico has no word on if it will be streamed. Price for licensing might be high and a problem for Funimation. But considering they have allowed Shana I to go out of DVD print and didn’t license Shana II. All of which is inexplicable given the popularity of this franchise.

So are there any of the Fall 2011 shows not being streamed legally (besides Shana III)?

Previous updates and list of similcast Fall new shows with links after jump,

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