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You Kikkawa (吉川友) revealed more details for single Amai Melody / “Suki” no Kazoekata (あまいメロディー/「すき」の数え方) – jacket covers and full track list unveiled. Her 8th single is another double a-side release that comes on three editions hitting stores October 29th 2014 – read on for more details.

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You Kikkawa (吉川友) update the details for 7th single URAHARA Temptation / Iijan – jacket covers and more unveiled. The double a-side single features apposing songs – a fun party song and a sultry sexy tune. Single URAHARA Temptation / Iijan (URAHARAテンプテーション/いいじゃん) hits stores June 25th 2014 – updated details follow.

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You Kikkawa (吉川友) announced new single URAHARA Temptation / Iijan, her first single in a year and a half. The double a-side single features two apposing songs – a sultry sexy tune and a carefree party song. Single URAHARA Temptation / Iijan comes on two editions scheduled for release on June 25th 2014 – more details follow…

~ jacket covers revealed ! ~

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You Kikkawa is preparing to release a new album “vocalist?” where she covers popular idol songs from the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. The album has 12 tracks and each is a collaboration with different vocaloid producers such as Darvish P, Hachioji P, KEI and more. Album “vocalist?” comes in two editions and hits stores November 7th – read on for more details.

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You Kikkawa has updated the release details for her 5th single “Darling to Madonna” which is currently featured as the second ending theme for anime Sengoku Collection. The cover jackets and complete track lists are now revealed. The single is available in three editions and is scheduled to be in stores September 26th. The updated release details follow.

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You Kikkawa has a new single announced “Darling to Madonna” – the song is featured as the second ending theme for anime Sengoku Collection.The single is Kikkawa’s 5th and is set to come in three editions. “Darling to Madonna” will hit stores September 26th – more early release details follow…

~ Release details updated ~

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You Kikkawa has updated the release information for her 4th single “Koko Kara Hajimarunda!” and exposed a preview music video for the title track. Jacket covers and full track lists are official now for the single which is due to hit stores on July 11th. Updated release details and music video follows.

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You Kikkawa has announced her 4th single “Koko Kara Hajimarunda!” which is due to hit stores on July 11th. The 20 year old former Pro Egg member released her first solo single just one year ago and this is her first single for 2012. To celebrate the new single Kikkawa will hold several live events titled “Kikka Fes ~Episode 3~” held at venues in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo. More early release details follow,

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Idol/singer You Kikkawa as exposed two full length music videos via the Universal Music Japan Youtube channel. The songs are from her 3rd single “Konna Watashi de Yokattara” that was released on December 28th 2011.  Hit the jump for the videos,

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YUI Green a live
One of our favorites, singer song-writer YUI topped the singles charts with her newest release "Green a. live" with nearly 56,000 copies sold. She edged out idol group SUPER☆GIRLS who sold close to 49,000 copies of their 3rd single "Joshiryoku←Paradise".  On the album charts fictional band A.N.JELL from the Japanese re-make of Korean TV series "You’re Beautiful" MUSIC COLLECTION dominated with nearly 150,000 copies sold. Complete charts follow after jump.

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Former Hello! Pro Egg member Yuu Kikkawa (18) has officially scheduled her anticipated debut solo single. She will release “Kikkake wa YOU!” under the Universal J label on March 30, with her name romanized as You Kikkawa.

In addition to the single, Kikkawa will star in a movie, also titled “Kikkake wa YOU!” The movie is scheduled to open in early May during Golden Week.

Kikkawa has also been chosen to serve as an opening act for Universal Studios Japan’s special event “UNIVERSAL DREAM LIVE 2011,” which was revealed a few weeks ago. She will perform on March 19, the first day of the three-day event. BEAST and SDN48 are already scheduled to perform on that day as well.

Kikkawa first gained attention in 2006 when she was a finalist in Morning Musume‘s 8th generation audition. She became an Egg the following year, and she was later placed in the 3-member group Milky Way, tied in with the anime series “Kirarin Revolution.”

Her official website is now open.

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