It’s Aiba’s turn now. Finally the man who once ranked in Music Lover to be the No.1 for men who wants to drink with will be a bartender. Maybe that is how the director pick him as the lead role.

Aiba Masaki will be in a drama entitled “Bartender”, which is his 2nd lead role after My Girl. It is a story about a genius man who works as a bartender who can heal and pamper his clients who come to the bar. Each episode, the story will be full core of romance and growth also fate encounter against rival.

This drma is based on original “Bartender”, a current serial of Super Jump popular human novel which had exceeded book sales of 2.5 million copies.

Before shooting  starts, Aiba also had his own thought about his new drama…

“Each week, I want to create the cocktail that last forever in your heart! Friday night that close a week, please lay back and enjoy!”

“I have been practising with a professional bartender for this drama.”

Ryu Sasakura (Aiba Masaki) will be your bartender on January 2011.

Producers : Nakagawa Noriko (My Girl, Himitsu), Oe Tatsuki (Atamai no Sousakan), J-storm producer: Harafuji Kazuteru (Pikanchi Life is hard dakara happy, Kiroii Namida, Fantastipo, Kaibutsu-kun).

Directors : Osamu Katayama (Kisarazu Cat’s Eyes, Hana Yori Dango 1, Moto Kare, Manhattan Love Story)

Sciprtwriters : Takahashi Natsuko (Yoiko no Mikata, Hana Yori Dango 1)

Will be on air in January 2011, Friday 11:15 p.m.

posted by Comtrya Sugoi