It was real, CDJapan have sent an e-mail to their own customer about Arashi enquiry or releases because of have been stormed by Arashi fans by making server stories below

Here are letter from CDJapan

I’m sending you this email because you are subscribed to Arashi New Release Mail.

Yesterday, we sent you an email about “Dear Snow” the new single from Arashi, and I would like to let you know how we processed the information this time.

Normally, we would open preorders for new releases right away, as soon as we receive details.

We would inform people about it on our website and then by New Release Mail.

However, with the past few Arashi releases, CDJapan website always went down temporarily, because our server was overwhelmed each time as so many people worldwide as well as in Japan rushed over to CDJapan and our Japanese website in order to preorder the Limited Edition.

Upgrading the server could not meaningfully improve the situation, because it was just too overwhelming.

Most people were kind enough to understand the situation, but it was nevertheless a very inconvenient situation for everyone involved.

In order to effectively prevent our website from going down, we needed to think of priorities in how we are to inform people about the new Arashi release.

So, what we did yesterday was to send the New Release Mail before we informed people about the release in any other way, including our website.

Our decision is based on our wish and desire to recognize and treat customers who are subscribed first.

I know that this might not seem fair for people who are not subscribed, but the purpose was to make our website withstand the preorder so that at least people are not inconvenienced by our website going down.

Also, you might have experienced confusion when you visited the page from the link we included in the New Release Mail yesterday, as there was no way to get to the page other than from that link.

By the way, there are greater number of people subscribed than the number of the Limited Edition that the record company is able to provide.

So, you may continue to have the same difficulties trying to preorder Limited Editions from Arashi, but I hope that you will find the situation somewhat better from now on.

Please note that Arashi is the only artist that we would handle this way.

Also, the regular edition is still available.

Thank you for subscribing to Arashi New Release Mail.

Sincerely,Toshi Makiya

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