A rather unique dating rumor has been published by a couple of tabloids yesterday. They claim that actress Fukada Kyoko (27) and songstress Utada Hikaru (27), who is currently on a hiatus, are in a love relationship.

Apparently both of them have often been seen at a certain bar in the Shinjuku Ni-chome district of Tokyo. That district is known for having the world’s highest concentration of gay bars and thus there are a lot of places made for lesbian women as well. However, recently there have also been an increase of heterosexual women that just want to be more comfortable without any men around who visit such places.

One witness who saw the two celebrities at such a bar back in July described their appearances. First she saw Fukakyon sitting at the counter, having a few glass by herself. She was a wearing quite a revealing dress and showed a lot of cleavage that day. A little later Utada appeared at the bar as well and unlike the feminine appearance of Fukakyon, she had more of a rockish vibe wearing a shirt with a skull design and trousers. It wasn’t the only time they have been spotted in this district. In fact, several people working in Ni-chome revealed that they have been seeing those two quite a few times already.

Only a month later Utada suddenly announced her hiatus, but the tabloid isn’t trying to indicate any connection to those sightings.

An official of a TV station commented, “Since last year I’ve often heard stories about both of them being spotted in Ni-chome. There even have been a couple of interesting reports going a bit more into detail about their encounters… Anyway, it’s been known for a while already that Fukakyon really loves lesbian bars. She always goes there to have a drink and raise her spirit just before filming a drama and so on. There even is one favorite place she likes to go when she finishes a project.”

Throughout her career, Fukakyon has been in quite a couple of official and unofficial relationships with men. She’s already being referred to as a “nikushoku joshi”, a so-called “carnivorous woman” that is very active in the field of love. Her most recent relationship with Shimizu Akira’s son that started last year already came to an end earlier this year. Now people start to believe that the end of her relationship with him could be related to her new relationship with Utada.

“Utada and her are very close friends and almost meet each other on a weekly base. Moreover it’s an inviolable rule that even as a celebrity you never get any kind special treatment in such bars and after all there aren’t really that many places where they would be able to share a few drinks without having to worry about attracting the public attention….,” the TV station official continued.

They sure would make an interesting couple, but it’s highly doubtful that this rumor will turn out to be more than just a wild idea of a weekly tabloid.

Source – KawaiJoyuu

Posted by Comtrya Sugoi!