Popular girl group Idoling!!! has just released their new single “eve” on November 23rd and have made it into the ORICON daily ranking to position No.2.

On the same day, music clips for the song were also released for mobile download. The clips are individually sung parts of the chorus of the song, whereas the phrase “I love you” is presented by each member. These clips have also made it into the top 50 of the daily Recochoku download movie ranking with all 20 group members individually. This is certainly an unprecedented case as such on top.
The charming point about this project is, that fans can get rather rare video footage of only their favorite members.

For the release of their new single Idoling!!! are also holding a number of hand-shake and signing events in different places. They are currently airing the regular program “Idoling!!!”, which goes on air Japan wide. In Nagoya and Osaka they are holding more mini-performances and hand shake events

Source – mjp