Suzuki Airi will host a HaroPro Yanen radio special titled Suzuki Airi no Nice Shot.

I’m glad to see that Airi will be getting her own radio special since it gives her a chance to interact with fans, and while the radio show will air a bit late it is still a great chance for her to talk about golf and C-ute.

Since the radio show has a golf related title I do expect to hear Airi talk about her fathers recent games, but hopefully she gets a chance to promote all other groups she is currently in and their new releases.

The radio show will air very late so it will most likely be recorded earlier, but I do hope that many fans tune in to listen to her show since we might get a chance to find out more about C-ute, Buono or other subjects

Written by HelloSayuni!

Posted by Comtrya Sugoi!