AKB48 tops the final singles chart of 2015 with Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby now with a three week total pushing it over the 1 million copies sold mark. Their 42nd single is the graduation single for 1st gen member Takahashi Minami.

In 2nd spot is L’arc-en-Ciel with Wings Flap their first single release in over four years. Rounding out the top three is unit Lily White (Suzuko Mimori, Iida Riho, Kusuda Aina) from the Love Live! School Idol Project with Omoide Ijyoni Naritakute featured in their smart phone game.

Topping the last album chart of the year is Fukuyama Masaharu with greatest hits release Fuku no Oto selling over 178,000 copies. back number slips to #2 with 5th original album Chandelier selling a three week total over 262,000 copies. 

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and albums charts.

Singles for December 21st – 27th 2015


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 AKB48  Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby  Dec 9th 70,788
2 L’arc-en-Ciel Wings Flap Dec 23rd 52,071
3 Lily White (Suzuko Mimori, Iida Riho, Kusuda Aina) Omoide Ijyoni Naritakute (Love Live!) Dec 23rd 40,750
4 E-girls Merry x Merry Xmas Dec 23rd 31,246
5 Ryuseitai (VA) Ensemble Stars! Unit song vol. 5 Dec 23rd 29,569
6 HISTORY LOST Dec 23rd 24,857
7 2wink (Hinata Aoi & Yuta Aoi) Ensemble Stars! Unit song vol. 6 Dec 23rd 21,760
8 VOICE by Iyami feat. Osomatsu 6 SIX SAME FACES ~Konya Hasaiko!!!!! Dec 16th 16,305
9 MAG!C☆PRINCE Zettai☆Aishiteru! Dec 23rd 14,154
10 Fujita Nana Migiashi Evidence  Dec 23rd 12,378

Albums for December 21st – 27th 2015


Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 Fukuyama Masaharu Fuku no Oto Dec 23rd 178,428
2 back number Chandelier Dec 9th 34,944
3 THE ALFEE Sanmi Ittai Dec 23rd 29,131
4 Reiji Kotobuki (CV: Shotaro Morikubo), Sho Kurusu (CV: Hiro Shimono) Uta no Prince-sama Theater Shining Every Buddy! Dec 23rd 18,149
5 Motohiro Hata Ao no Kokei Dec 16th 15,505
6 JUJU WHAT YOU WANT Dec 9th 14,293
7 Gen Hoshino YELLOW DANCER Dec 2nd 11,802
8 C-ute Cmaj9 Dec 23rd 11,325
9 VA The Idolm@ster Live Theater Dreamers 04 Dec 23rd 10,122
10 Matsuda Seiko We Love SEIKO ~ 35th Anniversary All Time Best 50 Song ~ Dec 9th 9,998


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