Takahashi Ai has opened up an official Ameba blog make fans happy to know her recent updated~~

So far her blog seems to have quite a bit of English such as in the title of her blog I am Ai as well as the title of her first post HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME…? and I am glad to see that she is using English since most of us already know that she regularly uses it on her radio show and TV shows she appears in.

The header is somewhat simple since it doesn’t feature a rainbow of colors (Gaki) but it does reflect her mature personality well, even though I would like to see her write posts that show us the more playful Ai-chan we have seen in other members blogs.

So far Ai-chan, Gaki, Sayu, Reina, Mitsui (FC exclusive), Jun Jun and Lin Lin have blogs which would mean that Kamei is currently the only member of Momusu to not have a blog but hopefully she gets one eventually so we can keep up with her daily life (she does have the Five Stars blog, although it’s shared.

Source – HelloSayunii

Official Takahashi Ai Blog