KAT-TUN’S Tatsuya Ueda (26) has returned to the stage yesterday for his solo tour in Tokyo, a month after injuring his foot in Taiwan, reports Sankei Sports.

The singer performed 18 songs for his 12,000 fans at the Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijyo Dai-ichi Taikukan without showing any signs that his broken left toe was slowing him down.

None of the stage settings or routines had been changed, and it has been reported that Ueda had been running around the stage with all of his energy.

“(My foot has) only healed 70 per cent. I still feel some pain,” he said.

Ueda had broken his left big toe in three places in the joint area after failing a three-metre jump during a KAT-TUN concert in Taipei on August 27.

Looking back on footage from the concert, the singer says he can laugh about it now.

“When I was jumping down I did think ‘I’ve got it wrong’,” he said.

The KAT-TUN star said it had been his dream to go on a solo tour, and even sent a message of support to Jin Akanishi (26), who had recently left the group to pursue his own solo US tour.

“He’s my friend. I want to cheer him on,” he said.

Source – momoedgewood