Upcoming movie, “Ashita no Joe (Tomorrow’s Joe)“, will be released in Feburary of 2011.  Ashita no Joe is a legendary boxing manga, and both Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS) and Iseya Yusuke will play a boxer. It will be a while before the movie is released, but the photos of Yamashita Tomohisa and Iseya Yusuke in boxing shorts have been revealed to generate interest.

According to Sports Nippon, both of them dealt with amazingly hard training.  Yamapi started the training in February, not only weight lifting,  but also had a special diet, as he only ate chicken breast and salad.  Due to the hard training, Yamapi lost 8.5 kg even though he was already skinny, but he looks more muscular. After seeing his firm flesh muscles, even other NEWS members were worried about him.

When the shoot for the climax of the movie occurred in May, Yamapi and Yusuke’s body fat percentage were 5% (Yamapi) and 3% (Yusuke), which are even lower numbers than professional athletes

Lol..certainly i will watch this ~ and it was my favourite manga too.

Source – TokyoHive