chocole-1New idol unit ChocoLe’s debut single “Milk and Chocolate” will be released December 28th and its already being featured as the ending theme for anime SKET DANCE.

Three junior high school girls (all 14 years old) who are also popular teen fashion models:  Hashimoto Kaede, Takahashi Kurumi, and Tamagawa Ramu – have been brought together to form the new idol unit ChocoLe (read as Chocolate). 

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Avex will be promoting ChocoLe leading up to the release of their single with radio and in-person events beginning November 6th when the girls will hold “Chocolate Events” and “Milk Events” in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

chocole-2At the “Chocolate Event” there will be a screening of their music video and short Q&A session afterwards with the girls. If you preorder the single at the event you’ll get a ticket for a handshake and game event with ChocoLe. The first is Sunday November 6th Noon at Sofmap store in Akihabara.

The “Milk Events” are female only events where fans will receive an arrangement of sweets picked by ChocoLe as well get to participate in a talk session with the girls.  Preorder the single at the event get a handshake and greeting from the girls as well. The first will be November 6th at 3:30pm and all be held at Takeshita Street food court (Harajuku, Tokyo).

Video clip is a bit of intro to the girls and behind the scenes of their music video shoot. Check it out,

ChocoLe Official website