The fifth poll to rank the face most desired as voted by other women was released by Oricon. On top is actress Ayase Haruka (26), second place to actress Kitagawa Keiko (25), and third place to actress Miyazaki Aoi (25). 

Upon hearing of the ranking Ayase responded “I was chosen first?…this is amazing, thank you!” Ayase is currently in TBS drama “Antarctica” and will be in next summer’s comedy movie “Hotaru.” Asked how she maintains her beauty, “Moisturize your skin, then sleep well. Also be sure to eat well.” Check out the top 10 after the jump,

Oricon asked women ages 13-49 who has the most ideal face in their 5th annual poll “Ideal Face” that ran from October 25th – 28th.

ayase_haruha_oricon_best_face_1 1. Ayase Haruka (ranked 2nd last year)
kitagawa_keiko_oricon_best_face_2 2. Kitagawa Keiko (ranked 1st last year)
miyazaki_aoi_oricon_best_face_3 3. Miyazaki Aoi (ranked 3rd last year)
nozomi_Sasaki_oricon_best_face_4 4. Nozomi Sasaki (ranked 6th last year)
aragaki-yui-oricon-best-face-5 5. Aragaki Yui (ranked 4th last year)
Shibasaki_kou_oricon_best_face_6 6. Shibasaki Kou (ranked 5th last year)
Kuroki_Meisa_oricon_best_face_7 7. Kuroki Meisa (ranked 9th last year)
Sawajiri_erika_oricon_best_face_8 8. Sawajiri Erika (ranked 8th last year)
Matsushima_Nanako_oricon_best_face_9 9. Matsushima Nanako (ranked 7th last year)
Kichise_Michiko_oricon_best_face_10 10. Kichise Michiko (unranked last year)

Source: Oricon