Sakanaction is releasing a music video collection, “SAKANARCHIVE 2007-2011 ~ Sakanaction Music Video Collection ~” on December 14th. The DVD collection, in addition to music videos of 14 songs that were published so far will included a new video for “Document.” All 15 tracks were re-mastered and are shown in chronological order giving fans a view of how Sankanaction has evolved. Jacket cover and release details follow,

The DVD release will come in one edition and include bonus videos of a round table talk with the Sakanaction members and off-shoot videos for four of the videos including “Aruku Around” and “Rookie.” The First Press versions will have added bonuses of a poster calendar for 2012, a "SAKANARCHIVE Music Video Directors Book", and a completed questionnaire of answers provided by the directors of the music videos for Sakanaction.

SAKANARCHIVE 2007-2011 (¥3,800)

[DVD Music Videos]
1. Mikazuki Sunset
2. Shiranami Water Top
3. Words
4. Sample
5. Nightfishing Is Good
6. Sen to Rei
7. Native Dancer
8. Aruku Around
9. Megaaku Aiiro
10. Identity
11. Rookie
12. montage
13. Bach no senritsu o yoru ni kiita seidesu
14. Endless
– bonus –
15. Document (music video)
16. Members Round-table talk about their activities during 2007-2011
17. Aruku Around (off shoot)
18. Identity (off shoot)
19. Rookie (off shoot)
20. Bach no senritsu o yoru ni kiita seidesu (off shoot)

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