The Japan-wide tour, “SAKANAQUARIUM 2011 DocumentaLy,” by group Sakanaction in support their current album “DocumentaLy” ended with performances November 10th & 11th at KBS Hall in Kyoto. The concert tour was a big success with tickets sold out for all performances and more than 35,000 fans seeing Sakanaction’s live performances.

The significant tour stop was on November 6th at Makuhari Messe in Chiba where Sakanaction performed in front of 20,000 enthusiastic fans, the largest venue for a Sakanaction performance. Fans can catch a 90 minute broadcast of this concert on pay-per-view provider WOWOW November 20th at 10:30pm. Images and more details follow,

At the end of the first encore of Makuhari Messe concert leader Yamaguchi Ichiro looked over the spacious concert hall “5 years ago we performed in front of about 20 people, today 20,000 came. At that time this couldn’t be imagined. Others may change, I will not. We will continue to make music that speaks to everyone.”

At end of the second encore, an exhausted Yamaguchi told the audience, “2011, the year “DocumentaLy” was released, has made me aware. Other things may happen in the next 10 years but 20 years from now 2011 will be the year that I will look back to. Thank you so much for today.”



Source and images: natalie