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Arashi has just announced their 37th single “Wild at Heart” which is featured as theme for TV drama series “Lucky Seven” staring member Matsumoto Jun. The release date for “Wild at Heart” is set for March 7th 2012! The single will come in a Regular CD only and a *Limited CD+DVD edition that includes DVD with music video for “Wild at Heart” and bonus 16-page booklet with lyrics. Not all the details are available yet but those that are follow,

The main coupling track hasn’t been announced but it will be a different new song on the 2 editions plus the Regular edition will have a additional third new song. The editions will have different cover art though as with all Johnny’s Entertainment artist publishing those isn’t allowed.

*The Limited CD+DVD edition appears to be quite limited and many sites are showing it as already sold-out or no-stock.

Arashi – “Wild at Heart” – March 7th 2012

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1470)
Regular [CD] (¥1200)
1. Wild at Heart
2. tba new song (A)

1. Wild at Heart (music video)

1. Wild at Heart
2. tba new song (B)
3. tba new song (C)
4. Wild at Heart (off vocal)
5. tba new song (B) (off vocal)
6. tba new song (C) (off vocal)

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