Haruka Tomatsu updated the details for her 2nd solo album “Sunny Side Story” – cover jackets, full track list, and bonus details are revealed. The album includes 5 singles, coupling tracks, and new songs for 13 total tracks. It comes on two editions and hits stores January 16th – read on for more details.

Singer/voice actress Haruka Tomatsu recently released her 10th single “Q&A Recital!” which is featured as the opening theme for anime My Little Monster (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun). Tomatsu is also providing the voice for lead character Mizutani Shizuku. The single released on October 17th – more details here. She is also part of the seiyuu singing group Sphere who just released their 11th single “Pride on Everyday” which is featured as ending theme for the third season of anime Bakuman. The single released November 7th – more details are available here.

Haukua Tomatsu is very busy this fall voicing a number of lead characters including Asuna in the popular Sword Art Online, Morgiana in Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic, Mizutani Shizuku in My Little Monster, and Lala Deviluke in To Love-Ru Darkness.

To promote her new album, Haruka Tomatsu will lanuch “Sunny Side Stage! 2nd live tour” this winter with 5 performances currently planned,

– Jan 13th ORIX theater
– Jan 20th Utsunomiya City Cultural Hall
– Feb. 2nd Century Hall, Nagoya
– Feb 3rd Century Hall, Nagoya
– Feb 10th International Forum Hall A, Tokyo

Haruka Tomatsu’s 2nd album “Sunny Side Story” is available in two editions,

– Limited with bonus DVD contents music video + making-of footage, booklet, special case with clear trays. First Press version that adds an application card for lottery.

– Regular CD-only. First Press version that adds an application card for lottery.

Prize lottery application period Jan 16th – 21st, details of awards,

– 10 winners invited to Feb. 3rd Century Hall Nagoya live event.
– 10 winners invited to Feb 10th International Forum Hall A Tokyo live event.
– 50 winners signed poster A.
– 50 winners signed poster B.
– All applicants receive special mobile waiting image.

Additional bonus at selected stores (Gamers, Animate, Toranoana, Softmap) when purchasing either version of the album receive serial card number to apply for special mini-live event to celebrate the new album,

– 200 people Feb 23rd 5:00pm venue in Tokyo.
– 200 people Feb 23rd 7:30pm venue in Tokyo.

*DVD contents updated Dec 27th

Haruka Tomatsu – “Sunny Side Story” – release date January 16th 2013

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥3500)
Regular [CD] (¥3000)

1. RUN   
2. Q&A RECITAL! (OP My Little Monster)
3. Nagisa SHOOTING STAR (6th single)
4. ♪Make Up Sweet Girl☆   
5. Baby Baby Love (ED Motto To Love-Ru)  
6. Yasashiki hibi
7. Mirai Girl
8. Issai Gassai 
9. Hoshi no Stage
10. Yume no sekai (ED Sword Art Online)
11. Oh My God (ED Nekogami Yaorozu)    
13. Asu iro Himawari

1. Asu iro Himawari (music video)
2. Side Story of “Sunny Side Story”


1. RUN
4. ♪Make Up Sweet Girl☆
5. Baby Baby Love
6. Yasashiki hibi
7. Mirai Girl
8. Issai Gassai
9. Hoshi no Stage
10. Yume no sekai
11. Oh My God
13. Asu iro Himawari

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