TV Asahi’s music show “MUSIC STATION” guest lineup for the Friday February 3rd airing has just been released – Avril Lavigne (!!), ayaka (second week in a row) , Chatmonchy, YUKI, and A.B.C-Z – are all set to perform. More details on the performances follow,

A bit rare to have an American performer on MUSIC STATION but Avril Lavigne will be on and perform her song “Smile” which is off of her Japanese released double album “Goodbye Lullaby Japanese Original Ver. Limited” back on December 21st 2011.


Also on the show for the second week in row is comeback idol ayaka. She’ll be performing “Hajimari no toki” which is the featured track from her first album in over 2 years, “The beginning” [release details]

Enjoy their live performance on MUSIC STATION!

MUSIC STATION – TV Asahi on February 3rd, 2012 (Friday) 20:00 to 20:54

Avril Lavigne – “Smile
Album – “Goodbye Lullaby Japanese Original Ver. Limited”
December 21st 2011
ayaka – “Hajimari no toki
Album – “The Beginning” 
February 1st 2012
Chatmonchy – “Mangetsu ni Hoero
Single -“Mangetsu ni Hoero
February 1st 2012
A.B.C-Z – “Za ABC -5stars-
DVD – “Za ABC -5stars-
February 1st 2012
YUKI – “Wonder Line
February 1st 2012

Source: MUSIC STATION TV Asahi Official Website