Natsuko Aso’s new single “Lovely Girls Anthem”, which is featured as the current ending theme for anime “Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Act 2”, is set for release on February 8th. The single comes with bonus DVD with the music video for “Lovely Girls Anthem” and First Press bonuses promotional card & photo. Release details and short version of the music video follows,

Natsuko Aso will hold a launch party for the new single at Lazona Kanagawa Plaza on February 10th at 6:00pm. She will have a mini-live performance for “Lovely Girls Anthem” and greet fans with handshake line.

Natsuko Aso – “Lovely Girls Anthem” – February 8th 2012

Single edition [CD+DVD] (¥1800)
1. Lovely Girls Anthem
2. Merry-go-round
3. Lovely Girls Anthem (off vocal)
4. Merry-go-round (off vocal)
1. Lovely Girls Anthem (music video)
Natsuko Aso – “Lovely Girls Anthem” – February 8th

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