The top spot on the Oricon weekly singles charts is SKE48 and their 8th single “Kataomoi Finally” that nearly topped the one-half million sold mark for the week at 495,809. The second spot finds Korean singer Kim Hyun Joong and his well received Japanese debut single “KISS KISS/LUCKY GUY” just surpassing 100,000 sold. Sliding in at the number 3 spot is long running and full of new members Morning Musume and their newest single – “Pyoko Pyoko Ultra”.

Anime related titles broke into the top 10 this week – at #6 is part 1 of 3 planned character song releases from anime Symphogear. This single has two insert songs from fictional band “Zwei Wing” that features favorite Nana Mizuki and fellow voice actor (seiyuu) Takayama Minami.

Idol group 9nine lands in the #9 spot (coincidence?) with the current ending theme to anime Beelzelbub  – “Shoujo Traveller”.

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow,


Singles for January 23rd – 29th

Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 SKE48  Kataomoi Finally Jan 25th 495,809
2 Kim Hyun Joong  KISS KISS/Lucky Guy Jan 25th 100,110
3 Morning Musume Pyoko Pyoko Ultra Jan 25th 31,094
4 BUMP OF CHICKEN Good Luck Jan 18th 27,416
5 BREAKERZ Miss Mystery Jan 25th 16,135
6 Nana Mizuki, Takayama Minami Symphogear Song Series 1 (Zwei Wing) Jan 25th 13,140
7 AFTERSCHOOL Rambling Girls Jan 25th 12,110
8 Matsushita Yuya Kimi e no Love Song Jan 25th 10,443
9 9nine Shoujo Traveller Jan 25th 10,191
10 Takeuchi Mariya Inochi no Uta Jan 25th 9,470


Pop-diva Koda Kumi still has it (and a baby) as she gets strong support from all her fans with a solid #1 album in “JAPONESQUE” selling 93,835. Congratulations, now rest.

Landing in #2 spot is Sonar Pocket and their new album “Sona Poke Ism 3 – Kimi To no 365 Nichi” with 48,330 sold. Close for the #3 and #4 spots with the previous 3 weeks #1 EXILE and their album “EXILE JAPAN/Solo” taking #3 and in the #4 spot is last week’s #1 ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION and their album “BEST HIT AKG”.

Also nice to the the young up and coming band Galileo Galilei crack into the top 10 with their second album “PORTAL”.

Albums for January 23rd – 29th

Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 Koda Kumi JAPONESQUE Jan 25th 93,835
2 Sonar Pocket Sona Poke Ism 3 – Kimi To no 365 Nichi Jan 25th 48,330
3 EXILE EXILE JAPAN/Solo Jan 1st 32,968
5 Yuki Saori & Pink Martini 1969 Oct 12th 17,177
6 Tokyo Jihen color bars Jan 18th 14,013
7 lecca Step One Jan 25th 13,148
8 CHEMISTRY Trinity Jan 25th 12,725
9 Various Artists Inazuma Eleven GO Character songs Jan 25h 12,209
10 Galileo Galilei PORTAL Jan 25h 11,578

Source: Oricon