Composer / music director Shiro Sagisu new sound track album “Shiro Sagisu Music from ‘EVANGELION: 3.0’ YOU CAN (NOT) REDO” is announced for release. The 3rd movie in the rebuild of the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise is scheduled for theatrical debut on November 17th. Shiro Sagisu’s sound track album for Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo comes in one 2-CD edition and it will be in stores November 28th – read on for more details…

~ track list and audio previews updated ~

Shiro Sagisu has a solid resume of composing excellent anime music including BLEACH (TV series, movies), Nadia – The Secret of Blue Water (TV series, movie), and the new Berserk movies to list only a few of his other credits. He is once again supplying the music for the latest movie in the popular Evangelion franchise. He previously provided the music for the original 1995 TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion and the first two ‘Rebuild’ movies -  “Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone” (2007) and “Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance” (2009).

The latest Evangelion movie Evangelion 3.0 You can (Not) Redo with alternate title Rebuild of Evangelion: Q (Quickening) continues the updated story with Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Mari, and the rest of the Nerv staff.


The movie hits theaters across Japan on November 17th – the most recent trailer follows below the sound track release details.

The sound track release comes on two CDs with a bonus track (to be announced). A First Press version adds an outer slip-cover box and postcard(s).

Shiro Sagisu – “Shiro Sagisu Music from ‘EVANGELION: 3.0’ YOU CAN (NOT) REDO” – release date November 28th 2012

Regular [CD2] (¥3000)
[CD 1]

1. Gods Message
2. The Ultimate Soldier
3. Dark Defender
4. The Anthem
5. Out of the Dark
6. L’Apotre de la Lune (2 pianos)
7. Quatre Mains (a quatre mains)
8. Qui veut faire l’ange fait la bete (piano solo)
9. Trust
10. L’Apotre de la Lune (orchestre cordes)
11. Return to Ash
12. It will mean Victory
13. Betrayal
14. Scarred and Battled
15. From Beethoven 9
16. The Wrath of God in All its Fury
17. Tout est Perplexe (Theme Q)
18. Gods Gift
19. Kindred Spirits (Theme Q)
[CD 2]
20. Bataille d’Espace[
21. Quiproquo 131 (2 pianos)
22. Serenity Amongst the Turmoil
23. Quelconque 103 (piano)
24. Quiproquo 83 (2 pianos)
25. Quatre Mains (chambre cordes)
26. Quiproquo 140 (piano)
27. Long Slow Pain
28. Quelconque 56 avec A4 (2 pianos plus)
29. Quiproquo 131 (orchestre)
30. Qui veut faire l’ange fait la bete (piano capricieux)
31. Theme Q (guitare)
32. Bande-annonce (garcons)
33. Peaceful Times (choeur)
34. Famously




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