T-ARA has been teasing us with preview music video versions of their upcoming 4th Japanese single “Lovey Dovey” but they have given in to our desires and posted the full length version. We previously posted release details and preview videos on the single which is due out May 23rd. Updated release details and the full length video for “Lovey Dovey” follows,

The single comes in two editions:
– Limited with bonus DVD, special picture label (1 of 7), trading card ( 1 of 8 ), lottery ticket for a special limited CD from their JAPAN LIVE TOUR, special packaging.
– Regular CD-only in special packaging, special picture label (1 of 7).

First Press version of the Limited edition adds a special poster and for the Regular edition adds the poster, trading card ( 1 of 8 ) and the lottery ticket included in the Limited ed.

Sample of the poster with the First Press versions – (click to enlarge)  t-ara-lovey-dovey-poster-sample

T-ARA – “Lovey-Dovey” – release date May 23rd 2012

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1260)
Regular [CD] (¥735)
1. Lovey-Dovey (Japanese ver.) 
1. Lovey-Dovey (music video)
1. Lovey-Dovey (Japanese ver.)

T-ARA – Lovey-Dovey – 4th Japanese single release date May 23rd 2012

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