T-ARA recently revealed updated details for their new Japanese single “Sexy Love” – cover jackets and bonuses are official. The single is their first since a shake-up of members that saw Hwayoung leave and Areum join this past summer. “Sexy Love” comes in three editions that each include a different coupling track of a Japanese version of previously released Korean song. The single hits stores November 14th – read on for updated release details and pre-order link.

T-ARA, in celebration of their 1-year anniversary of activities in Japan, has also just released a greatest hits compilation album “T-ARA’s Best of Best 2009-2012 ~Korean ver.~”. The album’s Limited A edition includes a 120min DVD of off-shoot footage of T-ARA in Europe – a teaser preview video follows at the bottom of this report. Their compilation album just released last week on October 17th – more details on the album are available ~ here.

The girls just appeared at live event “K-POP JOINT LIVE 2012 Vol. 1 ~ T.T.L.(Time to Love) ~ ” with Choshinsei (Supernova) on October 19th at Tokyo International Forum Hall a few more details on the appearance is reported here.

T-ARA’s most recent Korean mini-album “MIRAGE” which contains song “Sexy Love” as its main track released on September 3rd after a brief delay due to the departure of member Hwayoung. T-ARA collaborated on the song with Kyu-sung Choi and Shinsa dong Tiger, who produced T-ARA’s previous hit songs “BO PEEP BO PEEP”, “ROLY-POLY”, AND “LOVEY-DOVEY”. This mini-album also includes previously released song “DAY BY DAY”.

The music videos with the Korean versions of “Sexy Love” (dance ver.) and new Japanese version of “DAY BY DAY” were previously posted here.

Their 5th Japanese single “Sexy Love” comes in three editions,

– Limited A with bonus DVD that includes music video and off-shoot footage for title track, slip-case, serial number, and trading card (1 of 8 ).

– Limited B with bonus DVD that includes music video for “DAY BY DAY” (main song from their 6th mini-album) and alternate version of music video for “Sexy Love”, slip-case, serial number, and trading card (1 of 8 ).

– Regular CD-only with coupling track “DAY BY DAY” (Japanese ver.), serial number, and trading card (1 of 8 ).

First Press on all three editions adds a bonus member photo (1 of 7),


Additional bonus for fans who purchase all three editions – submit each of the included serial numbers for your chance at special awards,

– Voice alarm clock containing T-ARA member voices (30 winners)
– Autographed poster (100 winners)
– Sexy Love Special DVD (all applicants)

T-ARA – “Sexy Love” new Japanese single release date November 14th 2012

Limited A [CD+DVD] (¥1800)
Limited B [CD+DVD] (¥1800)
1. Sexy Love
2. Bye Bye
3. Sexy Love (off vocal)
4. Bye Bye (off vocal)
1. Sexy Love (music video)
2. Sexy Love (documentary video)
1. Sexy Love
2. Hajimete no yō ni
3. Sexy Love (off vocal)
4. Hajimete no yō ni (off vocal)
1. DAY BY DAY (music video)
2. Sexy Love (music video alt ver.)
Regular [CD] (¥1100)
1. Sexy Love

3. Sexy Love (off vocal)
4. DAY BY DAY (off vocal)




T-ARA Official website (Korea)

T-ARA Official website (Japan)