Group Tokyo Jihen formed around singer Shiina Ringo will be releasing their final set of new songs in album “color bars” which features a song made by each member for a total of 5 tracks. Tokyo Jihen announced on January 11th that they would be dissolving on leap day February 29th after their final live tour. “color bars” will be released next week on January 18th, more information follows,

Regarding the announcement on January 11th Shiina Ringo gave the comment,

It feels like such a short time together, I wish to thank everyone for all their support given to us. Tokyo Jihen will dissolve this coming leap day, but our work as a group is forever immortal.

Member Izawa Ichiyo added,

Six years have passed since I formed with this group and I’m grateful to have been a part of such a miraculous music group. Everyone in Tokyo Jihen will continue creating and I hope to meet again somewhere. Goodbye and thank you.

Tokyo Jihen “color bars” January 18th [CD] (¥1700)
1. Beaucoup de Bruit Pour Rien
2. Kai Horror Dust
3. Time Capsule
4. sa_l_ta
5. Honto no Tokoro
packaging sleeve and photo card

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