Tomoko Kawase as her alter Tommy february6 has announced a new single “Be My Valentine”. The release celebrates the 15th anniversary since Tomoko Kawase’s debut with band the brilliant green and will be released on the alter’s name-sake and her birthday. The title song is a fun and cute tune perfect for the Valentine season. Single “Be My Valentine” is available on one CD-only edition and scheduled to hit stores February 6th 2013. Read on for more release details and pre-order link.

Most recently Tomoko Kawase released a mini-album as both Tommy february6 and Tommy heavenly6 – “HALLOWEEN ADDICTION”. The album contains new extended length song “Never Ending Party Night” (10+minutes) plus 2 of her previous extended length songs. The mini-album released October 17th – more details here.

Tomoko Kawase is the lead vocalist for band the brilliant green and also leads two solo projects as alter-egos Tommy february6 (pop) and Tommy heavenly6 (rock). Her three projects have produced several anime tie-in songs – Gintama’s first opening theme “Pray”, Gundam 00 themes – “Ash Like Snow” and “Unlimited Sky”, Soul Eater – “PAPERMOON”, and Bakuman – “monochrome rainbow”. She released on February 29th 2012 was a double album “FEBRUARY & HEAVENLY”, half as Tommy february6 and half as Tommy heavenly6.

Tomoko Kawase recently collaborated with Harajuku models group AMOYAMO producing their debut single “LET’S GO OUT” which was featured as the opening theme for the fall 2012 season of anime Gintama.

Single “Be My Valentine” comes on one Regular CD-only edition. First Press adds a slip-case sleeve and Tommy chocolate sticker. The new single’s coupling track “Ai no ai no hoshi” is a cover of the brilliant green’s 1999 7th single.

Tommy february6 (Tomoko Kawase) “Be My Valentine” release date February 6th 2013

Regular [CD] (¥1000)
1. Be My Valentine
2. Ai no ai no hoshi