YUI is finishing up her “YUI 5th Tour 2011-2012 Cruising ~ HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE ~” tour and recently performed over 2 days at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo (January 18th-19th). 20,000 fans gathered over the 2 days, enthusiastic and captivated by her powerful voice and charming MC sessions. More details and concert photos follow,


A few surprise guests also appeared during the concert – both days at the opening and encore Lou Ohshiba (actor/comedian) and on the 18th Oriental Radio’s Shingo Fujimori’s appeared.

The “YUI 5th Tour 2011-2012 Cruising ~ HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE ~” began back on November 13th 2011 and performances have been held in 19 of the 20 venues nationwide. YUI’s last performance for this tour will be at the Okinawa Convention Center in Okinawa on January 25th.


YUI Official website for the tour [here] & YUI Official website [here]

Source: natalie