The duo that form Yuzu have a new single “with you” due out May 23rd. The single is the group’s 35th and the title track has a tie-in as theme song for commercial message from Nippon Life Insurance. Yuzu also just released a best hits album “YUZU YOU [2006-2011]” on April 25th – the album charted #1 for the week selling nearly 150,00 copies. Release details on the new single follows,

The single is offered in one version – a Regular CD-only with the title track plus two coupling tracks for three total.  The single is produced by Tsutaya Kōichi who has worked with singers such as YUKI, Kimura Kaela, and Superfly.

Yuzu also has 15th Anniversary Thanksgiving performances upcoming (more details here):

– May 26th Kyocera Dome Osaka
– May 27th Kyocera Dome Osaka
– June 2nd Tokyo Dome
– June 3rd Tokyo Dome

Yuzu – “with you” – release date May 23rd 2012

Regular [CD] (¥1000)
1. with you
2. Yes
3. Niji ~Symphonic Orchestra ver.~


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