KANJANI8 is getting ready to drop their 21st single – “Hesomagari / Kokonishikanai Keshiki”. Both title tracks have tie-ins featuring a member of the vocal group. Single “Hesomagari / Kokonishikanai Keshiki” hits stores April 24th 2013 – updated release details follow.

Title song “Hesomagari” is featured as the theme song for TV drama series Otenki Oneesan starring member Tadayoshi Okura. The other title song “Kokonishikanai Keshiki” has tie-in as theme song for movie Kencho Omotenashi Ka starring member Ryo Nishikido.

KANJANI8 previously released a greatest hits album “8EST” ~ 2004-2012 BEST ALBUM EIGHT*EIGHTER*EIGHTEST!!. The album was part of the celebration of KANJANI8’s 8th anniversary and comes on two CDs that include their 19 singles through “ER” plus additional tracks including new song “Crouton” for 23 total (plus 7 bonus tracks added on the Regular ed.). Their greatest hits album “8EST” released on October 17th 2012 (more details) and topped the Oricon charts for two weeks.

Single “Hesomagari / Kokonishikanai Keshiki” comes on three editions, each with different track list,

– Limited A with DVD that includes music video and making-of footage for “Hesomagari”. Deluxe 3-way case.

– Limited B with DVD that includes music video and making-of footage for “Kokonishikanai Keshiki”. Deluxe 3-way case.

– Regular CD-only with both coupling tracks, bonus track, and 4 karaoke tracks. First Press version adds the deluxe 3-way case.

Fans purchasing the single at stores in Japan (excludes net sales) will draw for a special award at time of sale,

A – phone strap (1 of 7).
B – photo booklet 36pg.
C- original KANJANI8 sticker.

KANJANI8 – “Hesomagari / Kokonishikanai Keshiki” – release date April 24th 2013

Limited A [CD+DVD] (¥1470)
Limited B [CD+DVD] (¥1470)
1. Hesomagari
2. Kokonishikanai Keshiki
3. This moment
1. Hesomagari (music video)
2. Hesomagari  (off shoot)
1. Kokonishikanai Keshiki
2. Hesomagari 
3. myself
1. Kokonishikanai Keshiki (music video)
2. Kokonishikanai Keshiki (off shoot)
Regular [CD] (¥1000)
1. Hesomagari
2. Kokonishikanai Keshiki
3. This moment
4. myself
5. Ai deshita (8EST remix)
6. Hesomagari (off vocal)
7. Kokonishikanai Keshiki (off vocal)
8. This moment (off vocal)
9. myself (off vocal)


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