Natsuko Aso has updated the release information for her new single “Never Ending Voyage” – jacket cover, full track list and a full length music video all revealed. Its her 12th single and Natsuko has collaborated on the coupling track “Clear Sky Heroes” providing the lyrics. Single “Never Ending Voyage” comes on one Regular edition that hits stores July 24th 2013 – updated details and the full MV follow.

Most recently singer/songwriter Natsuko Aso released her 11th single “Parade! / CROSS x OVER SENSATION” (2012.10.24) (more details). Title track “Parade!” has tie-in as the “Ragnarok Online RWC 2012 Japanese National Team Cheering Song” and track “CROSS x OVER SENSATION” with tie-in as theme song for OVA anime Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru ~ Futari no Elder.

For her upcoming single Natsuko Aso has planned a launch event on release day. Viewing of the mini-live is free, handshake meeting limited to purchasers of the new single (event participation ticket distributed at most stores while supplies last),

– July 24th 5:00pm LaLaport TOYOSU Tokyo main stage.

She is also getting ready for her special “Natsuko Aso Birthday LIVE” events scheduled for day & night July 28th at Daikanyama UNIT Shibuya,

– July 28th 12:00pm “The Natsuko Festival 2013!” Daikanyama UNIT Shibuya
– July 28th 5:30pm “Natsuko of the Night” Daikanyama UNIT Shibuya

New single “Never Ending Voyage” comes on one Regular CD-only edition. The title track is provided by regular collaboration team Saori Kodama/Kawamoto Shin who have worked with Natsuko Aso on several other singles.

Enjoy the full music video for “Never Ending Voyage” below the release details.

Natsuko AsoNever Ending Voyage” – release date July 24th 2013

Regular [CD] (¥1200)
1. Never Ending Voyage
(lyrics: Saori Kodama, composition/arrangement: Kawamoto Shin)
2. Clear Sky Heroes
(lyrics: Natsuko Aso, composition/arrangement: nyanyannya [Team Cat Bite])
3. Never Ending Voyage (off vocal)
4. Clear Sky Heroes (off vocal)



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