Negicco is getting read to release their new album “Melody Palette”! The jacket cover, full track list, and digest audio preview are all revealed. The album includes 4 singles “Ai no Tower of Love”, “Anata no Pop With You!”, “Idol Bakari Kikanaide”, and “Koi no EXPRESS TRAIN”, mini-album lead track “GET IT ON!”, remix and new songs for 13 total tracks. New album “Melody Palette” hits stores July 17th 2013 – read on for more details and full album audio preview.

Negicco is completing their 10th year celebrations and most recently released their 11th single “Idol Bakari Kikanaide” (2013.05.29) as their 3rd single of their 10th anniversary celebrations (more details). Previously Negicco released singles “Ai no Tower of Love” (2013.02.13) with the title song is produced by Gota Nishidera (NONA REEVES) (more details) and “Anata no Pop With You!” (2012.06.20)(more details).

The Niigata based local idol group Negicco is produced by connie and formed in 2003 originally as a 4-girl idol unit. Now a 3-girl unit featuring members Kaede, Nao, and Megu they placed #1 in the 2010 Grand Prix finals for local idol units. Their 10th year celebrations were kicked off with the release of greatest hits album Negicco 2003-2012 ~BEST~ last year (more details).

For their new album Negicco has scheduled several in-store release events with attendance limited to fans purchasing the album and getting event ticket at the target store(s).

– July 16th 7:00pm Media Ship (Tsutaya) Niigata (sales start 5:30pm). Handshake meeting and announcement poster.
– July 17th 7:00pm Tower Records Shibuya. Live performance (1hr approx.).
– July 18th 7:00pm Tower Records Shibuya. Mini-live, handshake, and signed “NO MUSIC, NO IDOL?” poster give-away.
– July 19th 7:00pm Tower Records Shibuya. Mini-live, handshake, and autograph session (album signing).

Several 10th anniversary and new album events are also scheduled (more details at official website, link below),

– July 20th Asakusa ROX Festival Onsen, Tokyo Negicco Congratulations 10th Anniversary (tentative)
– July 21st 5:00pm Daikanyama LOOP “Negi ROAD extra edition” ~ Negicco 10th Anniversary Party!!! ~
– August 10th 2:30 BLAZE Shinjuku “10th Anniversary Party
– August 10th 7:30pm BLAZE Shinjuku “Melody Palette Release Party


Negicco’s new album “Melody Palette” comes on a Regular CD-only edition with poster and event bonuses tied to a few selected stores. A special vinyl Limited edition (cover above) will be available at the August 10th events or Tower Records starting August 14th.

Watch the album digest preview video below the release details..

NegiccoMelody Palette” – release date July 17th 2013

Regular [CD] (¥3000)
1. Ai no Tower of Love
lyrics & music: Gota Nishidera

2. Anata to Pop With You!
lyrics & music: connie

3. Idol Bakari Kikanaide
lyrics & music: Yasuharu Konishi

4. Imishin☆Kamodakedo
lyrics & music: Hase Yasuhiro

5. Sohiso Ai
lyrics & music: tofubeats

lyrics & music: connie

lyrics & music: connie

8. Natashia
lyrics: Cypress Ueno, composer: connie, arrangement: Cypress Ueno & Robert Yoshino

9. Root Seven no Koiku
lyrics & music: connie

10. Negative Girls!
lyrics: Negicco & connie, composer: connie, arrangement: Yoshida Tetsuto

11. Negicco Kara Kimi e
lyrics & music: RAM RIDER)

12. Sweet Soul Negi (grooveman’s Jack Bounce Mix)

13. Neutrino Love (banvox remix)




Negicco Official website