Topping an all new releases singles chart is Korean male idol group 2PM with single Winter Games. Its their 7th Japanese single and sold over 108,000 copies. In the #2 spot is AKB48 idol Yuki Kashiwagi with her second solo single Birthday wedding that comes on 6 different editions and sold over 65,000 copies.

In the #10 spot is GRANRODEO with their new single The Other self featured as the opening theme song for the second season of anime Kuroko’s Basketball.

Topping the album charts is male vocal group KANJANI8 with their 7th album JUKE BOX selling a strong 322,000 copies for the popular group. All across the world the new release from Paul McCartney hit, album NEW and landed in the #2 spot in Japan.

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and album charts follow.

Singles for October 14th – 20th 2013


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 2PM Winter Games Oct 16th 108,537
2 Yuki Kashiwagi  Birthday wedding Oct 16th 65,376
3 RADWIMPS Go gatsu no Hae / Last Virgin Oct 16th 43,294
4 DISH// Hareru YA! Oct 16th 28,029
5 Porno Graffitti Tokyo Destiny Oct 16th 24,220
6 Halloween Junky Orchestra HALLOWEEN PARTY Oct 16th 22,846
7 Dorothy Little Happy ASIAN STONE Oct 16th 21,201
8 EXILE ATSUSHI  Zange Oct 16th 18,738
9 PASSPO Growing Up Oct 16th 17,250
10 GRANRODEO The Other self Oct 16th 16,715


Albums for October 14th – 20th 2013

Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 KANJANI8 JUKE BOX Oct 16th 322,957
2 Paul McCartney NEW Oct 16th 22,817
3 Superfly BEST Sept 25th 18,448
4 Motohiro Hata Hitomi my Bole Oct 16th 17,210
5 Miki Imai Dialogue ~ Miki Imai Sings Yuming Classics ~ Oct 9th 14,656
6 Perfume  LEVEL 3 Oct 2nd 14,102
7 SHINee Everybody [Import] Oct 16th 9,430
8 DOG in The Parallel World Orchestra Doggy Style III Oct 16th 8,030
9 Various Artists Kill Me Baby Best Album (Anime) Oct 16th 7,319
10 Kana Nishino Love Collection ~ mint ~ Sept 4th 5,522


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Source: Oricon