Shoko Nakagawa has updated the details on her new single “Zoku Konton” – jacket cover, full track list, and audio preview revealed. The single is her first since “Horoscope” (2012.01.11) and it has tie-up as theme for new web browser game from Square Enix “千年勇者~時渡りのトモシビト~”(Chitose yusha ~-ji watari no tomoshibito ~). Single “Zoku Konton” features some revealing cover art and hits stores June 5th 2013 – read on for more information.

The new single comes on one Limited edition with DVD that includes music video and off-shoot footage. CD contains live track from performance December 20th 2011 at Nakano Sun Plaza. First Press version adds a ‘mmts’ logo Zoku Konton version wristband (available at stores listed at special website link below).

Application postcard for entry for awards lottery,

– 5 winners BEAMS ‘mmts’ Shokotan autographed goods.
– 20 winners autographed poster.

Shoko NakagawaZoku Konton” – release date June 5th 2013

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1800)
1. Zoku Konton
2. Gurren Doku Shoku
1. Zoku Konton (off vocal)
2. Gurren Doku Shoku (off vocal)
5. Kabukicho no Jou (live)
1. Zoku Konton (music video)
2. Zoku Konton (off shoot)


mmts (Nakano) x Shokotan

Shoko Nakagawa “Zoku Konton” Special website (Sony Music Japan)

Shokotan Official website

Shoko Nakagawa Official website