Yoko Hikasa is getting ready to release a character single “PURPLE” (cv: Kei Kugimiya) for anime Majestic Prince. The single includes ending theme “Arigato. Tadaima.” (Kei solo ver.) used on episode 14 of the 24-episode anime. The “PURPLE” character song single comes on one anime themed edition that hits stores October 16th 2013 – more details follow.

Anime voice actress and singer Yoko Hikasa debuted as a solo artist with single “Utsukushiki zankoku na sekai” (美しき残酷な世界)(2013.05.08) with tie-in as the first ending theme for popular anime TV series Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) (more details).


Yoko Hikasa is still best known for voicing and character singles as Mio Akiyama for hit anime K-ON! (2009/2010/2011). She also provided the majority of the vocals for anime’s fictional group Hokago Tea Time which contributed the opening and ending theme songs (“Listen!”, “Don’t Say Lazy”, etc…) for both seasons and movie of the popular anime.

Yoko Hikasa has her 3rd solo single announced, Seek Diamonds with tie-in as the ending theme for baseball anime Ace of Diamond. Single “Seek Diamonds” is scheduled for release on November 13th 2013 (more details).

Anime Majestic Prince is an original anime from studios Dogakobo and Orange with Hisashi Hirai designing the characters and Reiko Yoshida writing. The story is set in the future when man has expanded into space and now have encountered an invasion from an unknown force “Wulgaru”. Now genetically enhanced children have been developed to protect humanity and pilot advanced armed mechs AHSMB.


The anime Majestic Prince recently finished its 24 episode run that begin April 4th 2013. Outside of Japan the anime is available on streaming provider Crunchyroll – hit the link for Majestic Prince for episodes and related posts.

Audio preview for track “Arigato. Tadaima.” below and watch promotional video for the anime after the release details.

Yoko Hikasa (cv: Kei Kugimiya) – PURPLE Character Song – release date October 16th 2013

1. Aitaiyo? No one else?
2. Wa o Shiyou
3. Arigato. Tadaima. (Kei solo ver.)
4. Aitaiyo? No one else? (off vocal)
5. Wa o Shiyou (off vocal)




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