ZAQ is getting ready to release single “Extra Revolution” (エキストラレボリューション) featured as the opening theme for anime TV series Yu-Sibu. The full track list, jacket covers, and a preview music video are revealed. Single “Extra Revolution” hits stores on October 23rd 2013 – updated details and PV follow.

Talented singer, songwriter, and composer ZAQ is most often fully responsible for her songs and she also provides songs for artists on the Lantis record label. Nearly all of her songs have a tie-in with anime and game titles. Most recently ZAQ continued her association with anime “Chunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai!” (Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions) providing the opening and ending theme songs for anime movie “Takanashi Rikkia Kai – Chunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai!” and performed by the anime’s voice actress. The “Takanashi Rikka Kai – Chunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai! Theme Song Collection” hit stores September 11th 2013 and the movie premiered September 14th 2013.

ZAQ most recently released her 3rd single “Gekijo Ron” on August 21st 2013 (more details). The single is featured as the second opening theme for TV anime series High School DxD NEW.

Anime Yu-Sibu, full title Yusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita (Since not becoming a hero, reluctantly I’ve taken a job), is adapted from comedy light novels by Jun Sakyo. The story follows Raul Chaser who didn’t get a chance to become a hero when the demon lord was defeated before his hero exam. He reluctantly decides to get a job at a general goods shop in the capital city. One day another part-time job seeker comes to the shop, Fino Bloodstone, the daughter of the defeated demon lord and heir of the demon lord.


The anime begins airing in Japan late-night October 4th 2013 on Tokyo MX. No announcement yet if it will be available outside of Japan. Watch the newest preview trailer below the release details.

Group Sphere is responsible for the ending theme with their 13th single “Sticking Places” (more details).

ZAQ will hold a mini-live launch event October 27th 1:00pm at J-SQUARE Shinagawa. Participation event ticket only available at target stores to purchasers of the limited edition of single “Extra Revolution” (stores: Gamers, Animate).

ZAQ’s 4th single “Extra Revolution” comes on two editions,

– Limited with DVD that includes music video for title track and making-of footage.

– Regular CD-only with anime themed jacket cover.

Watch the short version music video for “Extra Revolution” and trailer for anime Yu-Sibu below the release details.

ZAQExtra Revolution – release date October 23rd 2013

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1800)
Regular [CD] (¥1300)
1. Extra Revolution
2. Namida Note
3. Candy Rain
4. Extra Revolution (off vocal)
1. Extra Revolution (music video)
2. Extra Revolution (off shoot)
1. Extra Revolution
2. Namida Note
3. Candy Rain
4. Extra Revolution (off vocal)




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