AFTERSCHOOL is getting ready to release their 6th Japanese single “Shh”, the second produced by Shinichi Osawa who’s produced for artists Namie Amuro, moumoon, and more. The jacket covers, full track list, and full music video were unveiled for their first single of 2014. Single “Shh” comes on three editions hitting stores January 29th 2014 – all the details and music video follow.

Most recently AFTERSCHOOL released their 5th Japanese single “Heaven” on October 2nd 2013, their first Japanese single in over a year. The single was their first produced by Shinichi Osawa previously ranked #1 electro house DJ in Japan. Fans showed their support for “Heaven” pushing it to #7 on the weekly Oricon charts.

In-between their 4th and 5th singles unit ORANGE CARAMEL consisting of members Raina, Nana, and Lizzy released Japanese singles Yasashii Akuma (2012.09.05), LIPSTICK / Lum no Love Song (2012.12.12), and album ORANGE CARAMEL (2013.03.13). The group released a greatest hits album in Korea along with a new mini-album First Love during the first part of 2013. The unit has been mostly dormant since April 2013 but we’re looking forward to future releases.

AFTERSCHOOL’s 6th Japanese single “Shh” comes on three editions,

– Limited with DVD that includes music video and making-of footage for the title track. First Press version adds embossed packaging and trading card (1 of 8 ).

– Limited with deluxe 36-page photo book. Comes with embossed packaging and trading card (1 of 8 ).

– Regular CD-only with bonus karaoke tracks. First Press adds trading card (1 of 8 ).

Full music video for “Shh” and video message from members both follow after the release details.

AFTERSCHOOLShh – release date January 29th 2014

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1890)
Limited [CD+Photo booklet] (¥1890)
1. Shh
2. rock it!
1. Shh (music video)
2. Shh (making-of off shoot)
1. Shh
2. rock it!
Regular [CD] (¥1000)
1. Shh
2. rock it!
3. Shh (off vocal)
4. rock it! (off vocal)




AFTERSCHOOL official website (Japan)

ORANGE CARAMEL official website