Chatmonchy (チャットモンチー) is getting ready to release single Kokoro to Atama / Itachi gokko (こころとあたま / いたちごっこ). Member Hashimoto Eriko provides the songwriting on the single – their first in over two years. Double a-side single Kokoro to Atama / Itachi gokko comes on one CD-only edition hitting stores October 29th 2014 – details and audio previews follow.

Its been over two years since Chatmonchy released single Convenience Honeymoon (2012.09.12) which was their 5th single released in 2012. The 2012 single releases lead up to their 5th original album Henshin that released October 10th 2012 (more details).

In 2012 the group, with members Hashimoto Eriko and Fukuoka Akiko moved forward as a 2-member band. But for 2014 they added support members Tsuneoka Akira (Dr.) and Simomura Ryosuke (Key.& Gu.) and have continued with a busy live house schedule.

Single Kokoro to Atama / Itachi gokko has a First Press version that adds deluxe packaging.

ChatmonchyKokoro to Atama / Itachi gokko (こころとあたま / いたちごっこ) – release date October 29th 2014

Regular [CD] (¥1265)
1. Kokoro to Atama

2. Itachi gokko

3. Henshin (GLIDER MIX) by group_inou



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