Kalafina revealed more details for single heavenly blue – jacket cover, full track list, and bonus unveiled. Their 15th single has tie-up as the opening theme for anime Aldnoah.ZERO. Single heavenly blue comes on one Limited Pressing version releasing August 6th 2014 – more details and preview follows.

Vocal group Kalafina just released a pair of greatest hits albums – THE BEST “Red” and THE BEST “Blue”. The albums each contain 15 of their best songs and released July 16th 2014 (more details). Image shows Kalafina and fans July 20th 2014 at Kawasaki Plaza Square – one of the several release events for their greatest hits albums,


Original anime Aldnoah.ZERO is set in an alternate earth history when 1972 a hypergate was discovered on the moon and humanity began colonizing Mars. Advanced technology of the “gods” is discovered on Mars and eventually leads to tensions between Mars and Earth. In 1999 a one-sided war erupts and the hypergate was destroyed devastating the moon and stranding an orbital armada of Martian forces. Its no 2014 and high school students on both sides are drawn into the conflict.


Anime Aldnoah.ZERO began airing July 5th 2014 in Japan on Tokyo MX and simulcast at provider Crunchyroll – check our Crunchyroll updates page for all anime episodes or hit the link for Aldnoah.ZERO for episodes and related stories..

The ending theme A/Z is provided by the anime’s music director Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk] with guest vocalist mizuki.

Single heavenly blue comes on one edition anime themed edition available through October 2014. Most stores offer bonus postcard while supplies last – check your store for availability,


Audio preview below and trailer video for anime Aldnoah.ZERO featuring the OP after the release details.

Kalafinaheavenly blue – release date August 6th 2014

Limited Pressing [CD] (¥1111)
1. heavenly blue
2. heavenly blue (off vocal)
3. heavenly blue (TV-size)



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