ZAQ updated the details single Seven Doors – jacket covers, full track list, and preview music video unveiled. Her 7th single has tie-up as the opening theme for anime Trinity Seven. Single Seven Doors comes on two editions releasing November 19th 2014 – updated details and PVs follow.

As with many of her releases ZAQ wrote the lyrics, composed, and arranged both songs on her 7th single.

Talented songwriter and singer ZAQ released her 6th single OVERDRIVER on August 20th 2014 with tie-up as ending theme for anime RAIL WARS! Previously she released first album NOISY Lab. (2014.04.16) that includes her first five singles – all featured as anime theme songs. Fans showed their support pushing album NOISY Lab. up to #8 on the weekly Oricon charts.

ZAQ will hold live events – the ZAQ First LIVE TOUR 2015 “NEXT Lab.” with 3 performances planned. More details at her website (link below),

– Feb 11th 2015 BIG CAT Osaka
– Feb 21st 2015 ElectricLadyLand Nagoya
– Feb 22nd 2015 Zepp Tokyo

Anime Trinity Seven (トリニティセブン), adapted from manga by Saito Kenji and Nao Akinari, follows Kasuga Arata who enrolls at the Royal Biblia Academy (of magic). Kasuga wants to resolve an incident, the Collapse Phenomenon, that caused worldwide destruction and the disappearance of his cousin Kusaga Hijiri. At school he soon meets seven beautiful and strong female classmates – the Trinity Seven.

The anime features Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (SAO Kirito) as Kasuga Arata, Yoko Hikasa (Yamana), Uchida Aya (Kannazuki), and Yumi Hara (Asami). The anime airs on TV Tokyo starting October 7th 2014 and outside of Japan provider Crunchyroll simulcasts – check our Crunchyroll updates page for all the latest anime episodes or hit the link for Trinity Seven for episodes and related stories.

The anime has multiple ending themes (4 announced) provided by different duet units of the voice cast.

Single Seven Doors comes on two editions. Limited First Press edition includes 7cm round anime themed illustrated sticker.

Promotional music video for Seven Doors and trailer for anime Trinity Seven both after the release details.

ZAQSeven Doors – release date November 19th 2014

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1800)
Regular [CD] (¥1200)
1. Seven Doors
2. Kiseki made no Straight Line
3. Seven Doors (off vocal)
4. Kiseki made no Straight Line (off vocal)
1. Seven Doors (music video)
2. making-of music video
3. anime opening animation (textless)
1. Seven Doors
2. Kiseki made no Straight Line
3. Seven Doors (off vocal)
4. Kiseki made no Straight Line (off vocal)




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