KANJANI8 (関ジャニ∞) recently announced 33rd single Maemuki Scream! (前向きスクリーム!). The single includes coupling track CANDY MY LOVE by special unit Canjani8 (キャンジャニ∞) – all members transformed into girls! A limited pressing version of the single will have jacket cover and music video featuring Canjani8. Single Maemuki Scream! comes on three editions scheduled for release on August 5th 2015.

~ jacket covers and PVs unveiled ~

Title song Maemuki Scream! has tie-up as theme song for commercial campaign for Oronamin C (オロナミンC) Royalpolis energy drink. The TV commercials feature KANJANI8 members energizing fans at local baseball game –

Coupling track CANDY MY LOVE and Canjani8 members are featured in commercial campaign for mobile game/app Candy Crush SODA,

Single Maemuki Scream! (Positive Scream!, 前向きスクリーム!) comes on three editions plus most stores offer bundled set of all three editions (details subject to change). Limited Pressing has Kyanjani8 jacket cover and available only through October 20th 2015. Regular edition includes additional coupling tracks.

For selected store in-store purchasers an awards lottery drawing a time of purchase (check store for availability),

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KANJANI8Maemuki Scream! – release date August 5th 2105

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1400)

Limited Pressing [CD+DVD] (¥1400)

1. Maemuki Scream!
2. CANDY MY LOVE by Kyanjani8

1. Maemuki Scream! (music video)
2. making-of music video documentary
3. Zukkoke Otokodo ~8ippatsu~ recording footage

1. CANDY MY LOVE by Kyanjani8
2. Maemuki Scream!

1. CANDY MY LOVE (music video)

Regular [CD] (¥1143)

  Bundled Set of 3 (¥3943)

1.  Maemuki Scream!
2. CANDY MY LOVE by Kyanjani8
3. undecided
4. Zukkoke Otokodo ~ 8Ippatsu ~
5. Maemuki Scream! (off vocal)
6. CANDY MY LOVE (off vocal)


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