LiSA announced new single Rally Go Round with tie-up as opening theme for upcoming anime Nisekoi: (ニセコイ:)season 2. Her 8th single features lyrics written by LiSA and Furuya Shin. Single Rally Go Round is planned for three editions scheduled for release on May 27th 2015. Read on for more details.

~ preview music video and jacket cover unveiled ~

Most recently LiSA released 3rd album Launcher on March 4th 2015. The album includes previously released songs plus 9 new for 14 total tracks. LiSA wrote for the lyrics for 9 of the songs plus composed the music for one track. Fans showed great support pushing the album to #3 on the weekly Oricon charts.

In conjunction with her 3rd album LiSA is launching the LiVE is Smile Always ~ Launcher tour covering 16 performances across Japan beginning April 29th 2015 at Namba Hatch. Many of the performances are sold out (***) and the July 25th performance recently added!

LiVE is Smile Always ~ Launcher ~

4/29  Namba Hatch (17:00/18:00)(***)
4/30  Namba Hatch (18:00/19:00)(***)
5/02  Takamatsu DIME (17:30/18:00)(***)
5/03  Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO (17:00/18:00)(***)
5/05  Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS (17:15/18:00)(***)
5/06  Kumamoto B.9 V1 (17:15/18:00)
5/09  Niigata LOTS (17:30/18:00)
5/10  Kanazawa Eight Hall (17:30/18:00)
5/15  Zepp Nagoya (18:00/19:00)
5/16  Zepp Nagoya (17:00/18:00)(***)
5/22  Sendai Rensa (18:00/19:00 )
5/23  Sendai Rensa (17:00/18:00)(***)
5/30  Sapporo PENNY LANE 24 (17:30/18:00)(***)
6/06  Zepp Tokyo (17:00 /18:00)(***)
6/07 Zepp Tokyo (16:00/17:00)(***)
7/25 PIT Toyosu (17:00/18:00)

Anime Nisekoi: (Nisekoi: False Love), adapted from comedy romance manga by Naoshi Komi, follows high school student Ichijou Raku, son of area crime-boss, and Kirisaki Chitoge daughter of a rival crime-boss. The two first meet when Kirisaki, a new transfer student, accidently knees Ichijou in the face and causes his precious pendent from a childhood friend to be lost. Its recovered but other clashes lead to Kirisaki and Ichijou developing a strong dislike for each other. But their father’s have other ideas and coerce them into a fake relationship as the crime-bosses attempt to limit hostilities between their battling organizations.


The anime aired its first season of 20 episodes from January 2014 and the second season starts April 10th 2015. Kana Hanazawa returns as childhood friend Onodera Kosaki along with the rest of the original cast and several new characters.

Provider Crunchyroll has season one on-demand and will simulcast the upcoming season. Check our Crunchyroll updates page for all the latest anime episodes or hit the link for Nisekoi: for episodes and these related stories.

Single Rally Go Round is planned for three editions (details subject to change). Limited includes 16-page booklet. Limited anime edition has illustrated anime themed jacket cover (sleeve) and includes mini-poster (anime themed).

Jacket covers, full track list, and more details coming!

LiSARally Go Round – release date May 27th 2015

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1600)

Limited Pressing Anime [CD+DVD] (¥1600)

1. Rally Go Round
lyrics: LiSA, Furuya Shin, composer: Jin, arranger: akkin
2. undecided A
3. undecided B
1. Rally Go Round (music video)
1. Rally Go Round
2. undecided A
3. Rally Go Round (off vocal)
4. undecided A (off vocal)
1. Nisekoi opening animation (textless)
Regular [CD] (¥1200)

1. Rally Go Round
2. undecided A
3. undecided B


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