Momoiro Clover Z (ももいろクローバーZ) is about to release 15th single “Z” no Chikai (‘Z’の誓い) with tie-up as the theme song for anime movie Dragon Ball Z Revival ‘F’ (Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F). The group members will make guest voice acting appearance in the anime movie. Single “Z” no Chikai comes on two editions hitting stores April 29th 2015. Preview music video and details follow.

Popular idol unit Momoiro Clover Z (Momoclo) is finishing up their 3 Singles Project with a special bonus for fans purchasing all 3. The first two singles of the project are the Momoiro Clover Z vs KISS collaboration Yume no Ukiuyo ni Saitemina (夢の浮世に咲いてみな) (2015.01.28) and 14th single Seishunfu (青春賦) (2015.03.11)(more details). The bonuses includes an awards drawing and ticket lottery to attend a special 3 SINGLES PROJECT LIVE planned for fall 2015. More details a special website (link below).

Anime movie Dragon Ball Z Revival ‘F’ (Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F) from the long running Dragon Ball franchise premieres in Japan on April 18th 2015.

Single “Z” no Chikai comes on two editions. Regular has Momoclo x DBZ illustrated jacket plus bonus track with the Momoiro Cover Z cover of the classic DBZ opening theme song. First Press on both editions add special slip cover case (samples below) plus flyer for their 3-singles project.


Preview music video after the release details.

Momoiro Clover Z“Z” no Chikai – release date April 29th 2015

Limited [CD+BD] (¥1713)
Regular [CD] (¥1157)
1. Z no Chikai (Dragon Ball Z Revival F theme song)
2. Romantic Kongaragatteru 
3. Z no Chikai (off vocal)
4. Romantic Kongaragatteru  (off vocal)
1. Z no Chikai (music video)
1. Z no Chikai 
2. Romantic Kongaragatteru 
3. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA feat. Momoiro Clover Z
4. Z no Chikai (off vocal)
5. Romantic Kongaragatteru  (off vocal)
6. CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA  (off vocal)



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