Nomizu Iori (野水伊織) provides the opening theme D.O.B. for upcoming anime Kūsen Madōshi Kōhosei no Kyōkan (Sky Wizards Academy, 空戦魔導士候補生の教官 ). She also voices key character Rico Flamel in the fantasy-action anime. The song comes on her 7th single D.O.B. that includes coupling track Minasoko no remains with lyrics written by Nomizu Iori. Single D.O.B. comes on two editions releasing July 29th 2015. Anime previews and single release details follow.

~ updated release details and PV ~

Voice actress, singer, and songwriter Nomizu Iori most recently released 6th single Shikkoku wo Nuritsubuse (漆黒を塗りつぶせ) on October 29th 2015. The single has tie-up as opening theme for anime Chaika The Coffin Princess.

She is also one part of unit sweet ARMS formed with voice actors Nomizu Iori, Sadohara Kaori, Misato, and Togashi Misuzu, They released 5th single Blade of Hope (2015.02.04) featured as the opening theme for anime The Testament of Sister New Devil.

Anime Sky Wizards Academy (Aerial Combat Wizard Candidates’ Instructor, Kūsen Madōshi Kōhosei no Kyōkan, 空戦魔導士候補生の教官 ) is adapted from light novels by Moroboshi Yuu. The setting is a world where humanity now lives in floating cities after magical armored insects have taken over the land. Aerial combat wizards fight the insects to preserve the safety of the floating cities. Young man Age Kanata (Eiji) once an elite ace has fallen in status and now assigned as instructor for an inept but friendly team of three girls – Lecty Eisenach, Misora Whiteale, and Rico Flamel who have suffered multiple defeats.


The anime was originally scheduled to begin in April 2015 but production delays pushed it back to Summer 2015 season. It now begins airing July 8th 2015 on Tokyo MX in Japan.

Single D.O.B. comes on two editions (details subject to change). Jacket covers and more details coming!

Anime trailer featuring opening theme song D.O.B. plus videos introducing character Lecty Eisenach (Toyama Nao) and Rico Flamel (Nomizu Iori) all after the release details.

Nomizu Iori (野水伊織) – D.O.B. – release date July 29th 2015

Limited [CD+DVD] (¥1800)

Regular [CD] (¥1300)

1.  D.O.B.
lyrics: Fujibayashi Shoko, composer: Mirai Shou, arranger: CHOKKAKU

2. Minasoko no remains
lyrics: Nomizu Iori, music: Masa Hiro

3. Kyutai Kansetsu Ningyo no Yoru
lyrics: Otsuki Kenji, composer: Kitsutaka Fumihiko, arranger: Kitsutaka Fumihiko & manzo

1. D.O.B. (music video)

1.  D.O.B.
2. Minasoko no remains
3. Kyutai Kansetsu Ningyo no Yoru





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