Sasaki Sayaka (佐咲紗花) unveiled more details for her anisong cover album – SAYAKAVER. – jacket cover, artist photo, and special website opened. The album, part of her 5th anniversary since signing with Lantis Records celebration, features a wide range of 12+ song covers from anime and special effect shows. Album SAYAKAVER. comes on one CD-only edition releasing March 25th 2015. More details follow.

~ full track list and music video revealed ~

Sasaki Sayaka signed with the Lantis record label in 2010 after winning the 2009 3rd annual Animax Song Grand Prix of Japan. Year 2015 marks her 5th anniversary since debut and part of the celebration includes a special live:

– February 14th 2015 6:00pm at duo MUSIC EXCHANGE Shibuya Sasaki Sayaka 5th Anniversary Live 2010-2015 ~ Genesis ~

Most recently Sasaki Sayaka released 10th single CHIASTOLITE on October 29th 2014. The song’s featured as the ending theme for anime GARO Hono no Kokuin plus Sasaki Sayaka wrote the lyrics for both songs on the single.

Fans in North America were able to see Sasaki Sayaka and other Lantis anisong artists at the ANISONG WORLD TOUR ~ LANTIS FESTIVAL held January 16th and 17th 2015 at The Joint – Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV. The Lantis Festival is presented in conjunction with Otakon Vegas being held January 16th – 18th 2015.

Album SAYAKAVER. comes on one CD-only edition (details subject to change). The final track list and song order isn’t official.

Sasaki SayakaSAYAKAVER. – release date March 25th 2015

Regular [CD] (¥3000)

2. LEVEL-5 -judgelight- (OP A Certain Scientific Railgun, orig. fripSide)

3. The Biggest Dreamer (OP Digimon Tamers, orig. Wada Koji)

4. Sakura (OP Eureka Seven, orig. NIRGILIS)

5. Platinum (OP CardCaptor Sakura, orig. Maaya Sakamoto)

6. Snow halation (insert song Love Live!, orig. μ’s (Muse) )

7. Anything Goes! (OP Kamen Rider OOO, orig. Ohguro Maki)

8. Hono no Takaramono “Fire Treasure” (OP The Castle of Cagliostro, orig. Bobby (aka Kihara Toshie) )

9. Special Rescue Exceedraft (OP Special Rescue Exceedraft, orig. Miyauchi Takayuki)

10. DISCOTHEQUE (OP Rosario+Vampire, Nana Mizuki)

11. undecided
12. undecided


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