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AKB48 has updated the release details for their General Election single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” – jacket covers, full track list revealed. Their 32nd single comes on 3-pairs of editions with type B including graduation songs for Itano Tomomi and Shinoda Mariko. The single has tie-in as the theme song for this summer’s United States of Odaiba events. Single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” hits stores August 21st 2013 – updated details and promo videos follow.

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AKB48 recently added the title and more details for their 32nd single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” that’s tied to their 5th General Election. The General Election (fan voted) selected 64 members to participate on the title track and coupling songs for the new single. Single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” comes on three pairs of editions that hit stores August 21st 2013. Read on for more details and an early making-of video and live performance for the single’s title music video…

~ updated details revealed ~

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AKB48 finished up their 5th General Election last night with the results determining the participants of their 32nd single. The single is announced for pre-order though not yet titled it will come on three Limited editions and three Regular editions all which will hit stores August 21st 2013. Read on for General Election results and more details on the new single…

~ more detailsKoisuru Fortune Cookie” ~

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No problem for power idol group AKB48 topping the singles charts with 31st single “Sayonara Crawl” that’s tied to their upcoming group general election. The single sold over 1.7 million copies with fans eager to get their hands on the included voting card. With over 235 AKB idols eligible for the voting fans are hoping to support their favorite members into the top 16 who are selected to participate on the next single and the top 64 selected to participate on additional coupling songs. It will be a surprise when an AKB48 single fails to hit the 1+ million mark as they re-write the record books for sales.

Perfume with their 18th single “Magic of Love” lands in #3, band Scandal climbs to #4 with 15th single “Awanai tsumori no, genki dene” and up and coming singer Leo Ieiri (18) with her 4th single “Message” lands just in the top 10 in the #8 spot.

Topping the album charts is singer/songwriter miwa with her 3rd original album “Delight” selling a good 69,000 copies.

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow.

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AKB48 has revealed the jacket covers and preview music video for new single “Sayonara Crawl”. The single includes a voting card for the 2013 General Election “Senbatsu” and the jacket covers feature the top idols by the 2012 Senbatsu. Single “Sayonara Crawl” comes on six CD+DVD editions and hits stores May 22nd 2013. Updated details and summer themed PV music video (teaser) follow.

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AKB48 has added more details on their new single “Sayonara Crawl” – its their 31st single that includes the voting card for the 2013 General Election “Senbatsu”. The new single’s track list and more details are now revealed. Single “Sayonara Crawl” comes on six CD+DVD editions and music video for title track includes a summer “swimsuit” version. The single will hit stores May 22nd 2013 – read on for updated details…

~ cover jackets, PV revealed ~

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AKB48 has announced their 31st single which includes the voting card for the 2013 General Election “Senbatsu”. The new single isn’t yet titled but comes on six editions including three Limited that include a photo book by Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa known for vibrant-colored photos. AKB48’s 31st and “Summer” themed single will hit stores May 22nd 2013 – read on for more details…

~ “Sayonara Crawl” – updated ~

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AKB48 has updated the release information for their single “Gingham Check” that features members selected via their 4th Senbatsu election held in June. Track list and cover jackets have been revealed for the new single which comes in four main editions plus a theater edition exclusive to AKB48 shops. The release’s two Limited editions add bonus handshake event ticket, with bonuses like that AKB48 is sure to have another 1+ million selling single as they continue to re-write the sales records. “Gingham Check” hits stores on August 29th – updated details follow.

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AKB48 held their general “senbatsu” election at Nippon Budokan to select the leader and members for their 27th single. The winner is Oshima Yuko – its the 4th senbatsu election and her second time winning – she was voted on top in 2010 for single “Heavy Rotation”. There were 237 members from AKB48, NMB48, SKE48, and HKT48 participating. A total 64 members were selected to participate on the upcoming single which is scheduled for release on August 29th. More details and videos follow.

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