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OriconFor the second week ten new singles have hit the Oricon weekly charts and the boys from KAT-TUN are on top with their 17th consecutive #1 single “BIRTH.” Korean mega-duet Tohoshinki (TVXQ) in a strong second spot with their winter ballad “Winter Rose.” No weekly chart these days can exist without an AKB48 or spinoff group – this week its subunit Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 and their 9th single “Kibou Sanmyaku

Sliding in at the #10 spot is GACKT with “Graffiti” which is featured as the current opening theme song for anime SKET DANCE.

On the album charts Perfume made their mark with their third consecutive #1 album “JPN,” easily topping the chart over last week’s number one KARA’s “Super Girl.”  Complete top 10 single and album charts follow,

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OriconA strong month for powerhouses Arashi (#1 single, #7 album), AKB48 (#7 single) and its sister group SKE48 (#2 single) and subgroups Not Yet (#4 single), French Kiss (#5 single), and Johnny’s Entertainment groups Sexy Zone (#3 single) and Kanjani8 (#2 album) on the monthly charts.

KARA – perhaps the hottest female idol group out of Korea these days managed to top the album charts with their release “Super Girl”. Two real ‘super girls’ – YUI was #3 on the album charts and singer/voice actress Nana Mizuki was #6. 

Check out the complete top 10 charts that follow,

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French Kiss Saisho no Mail CKARA red passion

Ten new singles have hit the Oricon weekly charts with AKB48 subunit French Kiss in the top spot. More details and preview video of their new single, “Saisho no Mail” were previously posted. Lots of great new singles on the list including in the #5 spot, LiSA and “oath sign” which is also featured as the opening theme for current Fall anime “Fate/Zero.” This is LiSA’s debut single and her previous work includes Girls Dead Monster fictional group from anime “Angel Beats.”

Rounding out the top 10 is another anime related release, supercell’s latest single “My Dearest” featuring new vocalist, Koeda. “My Dearest” is featured as the opening theme for anime “Guilty Crown” and supercell leader ryo is in charge of all music production for this Fall anime.

On the album charts Korean group KARA dominated with their new album “Super Girl” and set a new high sales mark for a non-Japanese female group (topping Girls Generation). Showing strong in #3 is Nana Mizuki’s second best song album, “THE MUSEUM II.”

Complete charts follow after jump.

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nana mizuki museum ii limited

Nana Mizuki’s upcoming album “MUSEUM II” which is her second best-of album and will drop November 23rd. The jacket covers for the Regular and Limited edition have been set – and are very much in the theme of the her first best-of album, MUSEUM I released back in 2007. The Limited edition will come with either a DVD or Blu-ray bonus.

Nana Mizuki will have a streaming event on NicoNico.com on October 31st and a 2-day concert at the Tokyo Dome “Nana Mizuki LIVE CASTLE 2011” on December 3rd & 4th.

Album and covers old and new detailed on jump,

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