Chatmonchy has written a new song which will be the theme for anime “Thermae Romae.” The anime will air for just 3 episodes in Fuji TV’s “Noitamina” slot beginning Janurary 12th. Chatmonchy’s new single “Thermae Roman” is set for release February 8th. Details follow,

Chatmonchy expressed their excitement at providing the theme song for “Thermae Romae”, “We loved to read the original manga so we jumped at this, the song is sharp with interesting lyrics – as if riding in a bath!

Chatmonchy Thermae Roman” Februrary 8th

Regular [CD] (¥555)
1. Thermae Roman
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Thermae Romae” is the anime adaptation of Yamazaki Mari’s comedy manga. The story revolves around a bath design engineer, Lucius who travels through time between Ancient Rome and modern Japan. The anime runs 3 episodes in the same time slot that will get the 8 episode run of the much anticipated Black Rock Shooter anime.

Chatmonchy has previously provided theme songs for anime in Fuji TV’s ‘Noitamina’ time slot, “Shangri La” for “Hataraki Man” and “Kokodake no Hanashi” for “Princess Jellyfish”.

Source: natalie