AKB0048 anime has announced 3 voice actors who will play “Shuumei members” who comprise the main singing group in the anime. Yui Horie will play Yuki Rin (Kashiwagi Yuki), Kanda Akemi has the role of Mayu Yu (Mayu Watanabe), Tamura Yukari will play Yuko (Oshima Yuko). More information follows,

The Shuumei members or legacy members in the anime have risen and assumed the name of the legendary group “AKB48” as they take up the fight against a evil regime controlling a post-apocalyptic future Earth. They will be drawn and named similar to existing AKB48 members.

Characters: Yuki Rin, Mayu Yu, and Yuko,


The AKB48, SKE48, and NMB48 members who are voicing roles of the Research students who strive to become full members as they work hard and take all risk to be the best idols possible. Complete cast list for the research students was posted previously [here].

List of Shuumei members and voice actors as announced so far,


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