Arashi recently announced a live DVD release that captures their “ARAFES” concert held at National Olympic Stadium Kasumigaoka, Shinjuku on September 20th & 21st. This live event featured a set list as voted for by fans from a possible 240 Arashi songs. The DVD “ARAFES” comes on two disks and features 37 songs plus additional planned footage – approximately 200 minutes of live Arashi! The release drops December 26th – read on for more details…

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Arashi recently release their 11th album “Popcorn” on November 9th. The album includes their three singles released in 2012 -  “Wild at Heart” (March 7th), “Face Down” (May 9th), and “Your Eyes” (June 6th) plus “Meikyu Love Song” which released on November 9th 2011. The album also includes 7 new songs including “Akashi” and “Kakenukero!” and more for a total of 16 tracks.

To support their new album Arashi will embark on a 16-performance live tour “Arashi LIVE TOUR Popcorn” hitting all major dome stadiums.

– Nov 14th & 15th 10:00am – 8:00pm Goods pre-sale Kyocera Dome Osaka (no concert)
– Nov 16th 6pm Kyocera Dome Osaka
– Nov 17th 6pm Kyocera Dome Osaka
– Nov 18th 4pm Kyocera Dome Osaka
– Nov 29th 10:00am – 8:00pm Good pre-sale Sapporo Dome
– Nov 30th 6pm Sapporo Dome
– Dec 1st 6pm Sapporo Dome
– Dec 2nd 4pm Sapporo Dome
– Dec 7th 6pm Yahoo! Japan Dome Fukuoka
– Dec 8th 6pm Yahoo! Japan Dome Fukuoka
– Dec 9th 4pm Yahoo! Japan Dome Fukuoka
– Dec 13th 6pm Tokyo Dome
– Dec 14th 6pm Tokyo Dome
– Dec 15th 6pm Tokyo Dome
– Dec 16th 6pm Tokyo Dome
– Jan 11th 2013 6pm Nagoya Dome
– Jan 12th 2013 6pm Nagoya Dome
– Jan 13th 2013 4pm Nagoya Dome

Arashi’s live 2 DVD “ARAFES” (region 2 encoding) comes on one Regular edition with a First Press version that adds special packaging. Additional MC footage and off-shoot footage are tentatively planned but not official.

Arashi – “ARAFES” – release date December 26th 2012

Regular [DVDx2] (¥5800)

1. Happiness
2. Gorimuchū
4. Love Rainbow
5. Step and Go
6. Wild at Heart
7. Summer Splash!
8. Love Situation
9. Fight Song
10. Friendship
11. Shake it!
12. Season
13. Natsunoowari ni omou koto
14. Still …
15. T.A.B.O.O
17. Troublemaker
18. Energy song? Zekkochou Chou!!!!?
19. Sketch
20. Kiss Kara Hajimeyou
21. Gimmick Game
22. Rain
23. Magical Song
24. Re (mark) able
25. La tormenta 2012
26. Tokeiji kake no Umbrella
27. One Love
28. Truth
29. 5 × 10
30. Face Down
31. Meikyu Love Song
32. Oh Yeah!
33. Hadashi no Mirai
34. A·RA·SHI
35. Kansha Kanshakangeki ame anme Arashi Arashi
36. Green
37. Hey Hey Lovin ‘You
38. (Additional footage planned)



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